Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ballet Dancer Busted

A case worked by our investigator on 2-18-2012 showed that is is well worth spending the money for a Private Investigator. Our attorney client informed us that the female Subject claimed she could not leave the house do to injuries and pain. She was attempting to gain thousands per month from her ex-husband in spousal support. We obtained over 2 hours of the female Subject attending a ballet class, exposing her fraud. That's our job and we do it daily.

Mad woman gets revenge

35-year-old Mesa woman admitted to driving over her husband during an argument stemming from the man's alleged infidelity, officials said. Colene Barker was arrested about 9 p.m. Monday at the Sandal Ridge Apartments near University and Country Club drives, according to the Mesa Police Department.

Workers' Comp Fraud Convictions Spiral

Dishonest employees continue to prey on the workers' compensation system by making fraudulent claims and seeking to extend benefits longer than necessary, but employers are playing a vital role in identifying the cheats. New data from the California Department of Insurance show that prosecutors were able to secure convictions against 103 individuals in 2011 for various fraudulent acts against the workers' comp system.
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