Friday, March 2, 2012

Infidelity? Knowing when to Hire a Private Investigator

Infidelity not only rocks your relationship, it is also emotionally jolting. Just imagine, suddenly you feel that the ground of faith and trustworthiness you stand so confidently upon, is actually developing cracks and can crumble at any time. Do you want that ground to crumble and for you to fall into a hole, or do you want to take some corrective measures to salvage your honor, self-respect, sense of fairness and if possible your relationship, whether you are married or living with somebody?

Hiring a private investigator to find whether your partner is having another relationship (even multiple relationships for that matter) can be an excruciating decision. It is a big step toward accepting that something disastrous is taking shape and it is not just a nagging doubt. You won't hire a private investigator, for instance, if your husband misses a dinner and cannot come up with a plausible reason; you will hire a private investigator if there is a litany of tell-tale signs.